Collagen Powder

Collagen POWDER

Highly effective product for the treatment of wounds, including diabetic foot ulcers


Collagen Powder is an absorbent medical device made of a matrix of micro fibrilar collagen, used for the management of wounds presenting exudations, both moderate and severe, and for the control of minor hemorrhages.

Collagen Powder provides a favorable physiological environment which stimulates wound healing. When the powder interacts with the wound fluid, it begins to absorb the exudate, which promotes tissue regeneration.

The Collagen Powder is applied directly to the wound, protecting the wound bed and the new delicate tissue.

In addition, Collagen Powder being made up of micro fibrils of collagen, is an excellent hemostatic agent that can be used to control minor hemorrhages.

Collagen Powder has other properties, for example, promoting cellular activity and providing an organizing matrix for the skin.

To preserve these properties, it is important to preserve the chemical and structural characteristics of collagen. Certain products that are on the market, such as denatured collagen or hydrolyzate, have their original molecular structure altered. The Collagen Powder of Maiden Biosciences is made with an absorbent micro fibrillary collagen formulation, which provides a favorable physiological environment for wound healing.

Collagen Powder

100% Natural Type I Collagen

Available in units of 1 gram of powder, with guaranteed excellent coverage of the entire surface of the wound, including deep wounds. The product absorbs more than 10 times its weight.

Collagen Powder is recommended for the control of minor hemorrhages and for the treatment of wound with moderate and severe exudate, such as:

    • Acute wounds of traumatic or surgical origin
    • Diabetic ulcers
    • Moderate-depth burns
    • Ulcers due to pressure or inactivity
    • Venous stasis ulcers


The Collagen Powder comes in breathable Tyvek barrier bag that guarantees a dry product with Chevron seal for easy application.

Summary of uses and characteristics of Collagen Powder

Handling exudate from wounds Absorbs the moderate and severe exudate of the wounds. Absorbs 10 ml of fluid per 1 gram of product.
Hemorrhage control Effective in controlling minor bleeding.
Powder application to wounds. Easily applied to wounds, without causing physical damage to existing tissue.
Ability to be removed and reapplied Easily removed from the wound with water or saline
Chemical composition Contains, mainly, Type I Collagen, with minor amounts of Type III Collagen of bovine origin.
Biocompatibility Meets ISO 10993 and FDA G95 requirements.
Sterility The product is marketed sterile. SAL 10-6.
Cytotoxicity Non-cytotoxic.
Sensitization There is no evidence that the powder causes long-term sensitization by dermal contact.
Intercutaneous reactivity There is no evidence that it causes irritation or toxicity.
Acute systemic toxicity There is no evidence of mortality or systemic toxicity.
Hemolysis Non-hemolytic.

How is Collagen Powder applied to wounds?

The Collagen Powder is very versatile, because it can be applied to deep and penetrating wounds, in which it is difficult to obtain adequate contact with the surface to absorb the exudate from the wound.

To absorb the exudate from a wound, the contents of a sachet are sprinkled over the wound area. The wound can then be covered with secondary coverage.

Collagen Particle Powder – Net Weight: 1g: (0.03 oz)

1. Rinse the wound.
2. Apply another medication to the wound, if necessary.
3. Apply the powder to the surface of the wound in a layer of approximately 1/4 inch.  Do not wrap the wound too tight, which would prevent the collagen fibrils from expanding.
Change the product as indicated, according to the amount of drainage from the wound, and the instructions offered in the secondary dressing covering the Powder. After removing the secondary dressing, repeat the steps included in “Product Application” as necessary.
This product is not recommended for patients who are allergic to materials derived from bovine animals (eg milk, meat or leather).
Discontinue use of this product and notify your doctor if there is persistent pain, bleeding, blistering, swelling and redness.
Avoid contact with eyes, if this occurs, rinse eyes immediately with water.
Manufactured by
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Patients with diabetic foot ulcers treated with Collagen Powder

Case 1

4 Weeks

Case 2

5 Weeks

Collagen powder

• Stimulates tissue epithelization
• Promotes wound healing
• Acts as a hemostatic agent
• Has FDA certification

Commercial presentation of the product

The product is sold in a box of 30 units, each unit containing 1 gram of collagen powder.

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